28 Dec 2018

BrachyDOSE - cancer treatment quality control tool is a 2nd place winner at the most innovative products competition of 2018. The competition was organized by Kauno mokslo ir technologijų parkas in Kaunas, Lithuania.

03 Dec 2018

BrachyDOSE, the accurate cancer treatment quality contro tool is participating in innovation competition of Kaunas.

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07 Sep 2018

Cancer is a key public health concern and a tremendous burden on European societies and economies. The number of new cases is expected to rise by about 70% over the next 2 decades and the need to combat the disease is highlighted in both national and European action strategies.

01 Dec 2017

The developers of BrachyDOSE system have participated in Medica trade fair on 13 - 16 th of November. Medica trade fair is the bigest medical device sellers and developers meeting in Europe. New concepts and ideas were presented by more than 1000 participating companies.

18 Jul 2017
Project: Developing a feasibility study for the future commercialization of BranchyDOSE – an innovative accurate and simple brachytherapy measurements tool.
18 Jul 2017

We are glad to announce that now we are members of Kauno MTP - Kauno mokslo ir technologijų parkas.

16 Jan 2017

"Šeši partneriai" was participating in Horizon 2020 programme competition for inovative ideas in medical field. The concept of Brachy DOSE system was represented in Phase 1 instrument competition for small and medium size enterprises.

12 Jul 2016

"Šeši partneriai" was participating in Horizon 2020 programme competition this February. The idea and concept of Brachy DOSE was represented in SMEs instrumet Phase 1 competition.

12 Jul 2016

On 5-7th November, 2015 “Šeši partneriai” attended the international conference for medical physics: “Medical physics in the Baltic States 2015”. For the 12th time the conference was held at Kaunas university of technology in Kaunas, Lithuania.

05 Nov 2015

MB "Šeši partneriai" has won the product prototipe comercialization competition organized by MITA (Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology).